What Our Clients Have To Say

Dear People who are hearing impaired: Just turn your trust over to a very religious man, Ken Madler. He worked many, many hours for me trying to get the right sound and fit. My ear canal was so small [and] he had a very difficult time, but he kept on trying and after 2 sets of hearing aids he sent them to another company and BINGO – They are perfect!!! He is truly an angel and a Godsend to our community. He can’t be beat. I never in my received such caring and sharing and respect as I got from Ken Madler. He respects every person he meets and sends you on your way with a bye and a God Bless. He’s more than an audiologist – he’s a friend.

Elsie L. Kenworthy

Winchester, IN

Ken has provided excellent service regarding our hearing aid needs. He has been very accommodating in scheduling appointments convenient for us, and it’s so nice to have a professional close to home. The prices are very reasonable, and we recommend him highly.

Bill & Doris Nash

Winchester, IN

My ReSound AiR hearing aids have reintroduced me to the world around me. I no longer miss out on conversations, and I don’t strain to hear the television. My work is easier and more productive. I feel like I’ve returned to normal life, and I couldn’t be happier!

Ray Armstrong

Hagerstown, IN

The moment you walk into Hometown Hearing & Audiology you are top priority! Mr. Madler is friendly, attentive, polite, positive, and professional. Your hearing needs are in wonderful hands at Hometown Hearing & Audiology.

Becky Guinn

Union City, IN

I recently consulted you concerning my hearing loss. I found a very well equipped & pleasant office. Ken is a knowledgeable and capable man. He was patient during the examination and explained the results to me, especially when my hearing aids had to be adjusted for my needs. I welcome Mr. Madler to Winchester, and wish success.

Burt S. Hiatt

Winchester, IN

Dear Ken: When I had a hearing aid problem, I contacted you and immediately made an appointment. I had come to your office and you carefully took care of my problem. One hearing aid was sent in immediately. It was returned in six days. The second aid was sent in at that time and returned as quickly. This is the best service I have received in the years I’ve had my hearing aids. I will continue to patronize you for all my hearing aid needs, and would advise anyone with hearing problems to do the same. Yours Truly.

James F. Crosbie


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Joe & I have recently purchased hearing aids from Ken and are well satisfied. We appreciate the fact he is an audiologist and that he was doctor recommended.

Ethelyn Glentzer

Portland, IN

Dear Ken: I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am really happy with my hearing aids and [that] you are nice to your people and you take your time with them, and that I like.

Catherine Byrum

Union City, IN

Ken: Thank you very much for aiding me in adjusting my aids. I sure like the prompt service & the fact that I can get it taken care here in town. No trips to Muncie, Marion, or Richmond. Thanks again.

John Clear

Winchester, IN

Love my new hearing aid! Even forget I have it in. Love Hometown Hearing and Ken Madler’s approach to helping me hear!

Maribel Barnard

Economy, IN